JMDMA <p>Journal of Modern Developments in Management and Accounting&nbsp; is published quarterly, has been capable of obtaining publication's permission by the permission number 6/1887 from the " <strong>Islamic Azad University</strong>"&nbsp;as a&nbsp;"<strong>Scientific Research Journal </strong>"</p> <hr> <p>Journal of Modern Developments in Management and Accounting (JMDMA) is a peer-reviewed, international scientific journal, free of charges and open access journal, which is published by Islamic Azad University, Maragheh Branch, Maragheh, Iran. The journal publishes original papers and reviews in English dealing with theoretical and applied research related to Manangements and Accounting.</p> <hr> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Print ISSN:&nbsp; 2676-4962<br></strong></p> <p><strong>Online ISSN: 2676-4970<br></strong></p> Islamic Azad University, Maragheh Branch en-US JMDMA 2676-4970 The effect of supply chain management on financial performance <p><em>gain competitive advantage in the organization depends on the quality and at a cost of production. in the manufacturing process set of internal and external factors organization should effectively to play a role in organizational goals to be achieved with their effectiveness. in this regard suppliers in providing software, technical knowledge, raw materials and services have played an important role in the competition. Today, in the top organizations as a contribution to suppliers and one of the organizations empowerment in the form of an operation and real attention and action stemmed from this thinking that production quality and gain competitive advantage without suppliers of quality, compassionate and loyal almost impossible, or at least not possible in the long term. so with financial management, scientific and objective to the chain, suppliers as an important component of strategic management can access to a competitive advantage. This research to analyze the relationship of supply chain management and financial performance in the bourse auto companies. and a questionnaire between 82 principals and experts. Results indicate that the relationship of supply chain management and financial performance. The results also show support from senior manager of the relationship between supply chain management and the financial performance.</em></p> Afsaneh Faraji Copyright (c) 2022 JMDMA 2022-08-27 2022-08-27 4 6 1 17 10.3261212/124457 The importance of the brand and the special value of the brand in the current modern market <p>The purpose of this research is to investigate the importance of brand equity, which was done using the descriptive-library method, and according to the current market environment, it was concluded that brands and brand equity are one of the most valuable assets of the organization that cause the product can remain in the customer's mind. The special value of the brand preserves the organization's customers and better respond to their needs, resulting in customer loyalty. It is worth mentioning that loyal customers act like strong marketers, which leads to adherence to the brand and organization.</p> Sarvar Chekani Azaran Copyright (c) 2022 JMDMA 2022-06-10 2022-06-10 4 6 19 25